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Irwell safety bicycle 1890


1890 Irwell no. 2, a safety bicycle made by the Manchester Cycle Manufacturing Company Limited, Manchester, U.K. 30″ wheels with solid tyres, front wheel brake and amortized seat.

The bicycle manufacture at New Bridge Street, Strangeways in Manchester was established in 1886 to produce "Clavinger" high-wheel bicycles based on WIlliam Golding's patent. The company was renamed to Manchester Cycle Mfg. Co. in December 1889, when Clavinger had been discontinued and replaced with Irwell safety bicycle. The business was closed in the end of XIX century.

"This is a rare surviving example of Manchester’s early cycle industry. Only two other Irwell Safety Bicycles are known, one in France and the other in America. In 1890 the No.2 Roadster was fitted with pneumatics but no illustration is provided. In 1891 the No. 2 is in three versions all cross-framed. The rear solid tyre is a bit loose but apart from that the Irwell is ready to ride." description by previous owner

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