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[img] Ardie MF125. 123 cc, 2-stroke, 4,4 HP. Built from 1937 to1940. Ardie was a company in Nürnberg, Germany that manufactured motorcycles from 1919 until 1958. The company's name derives from that of its founder, Arno Dietrich, who run it only for 3 years before he died in accident. For more information, see: Ardie. ”In 1938 the Ardie Company listed 12 models in their line. These included three l00 c.c. models, four 125 c.c. models, four 200 c.c. models. The Ardie plant has been practically bombed out and catalogues and drawings of old models were not available. There was particular difficulty in obtaining the information wanted at this factory due to the disorganised condition here. (...) Each year after 1938 the number of models was decreased until the line in 1942 included only two items, a 125 c.c. motorcycle and a 125 c.c. stationary motor.”from report made for Office Of Military Goverment For Germany (US), dated from March 1946, regarding the German motorcycle industry since 1938.

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