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Benelli 500 M40 VLM

[img] 1940 side-valve Benelli 500 VLM. The motorcycle was used during WW2 by the German and Italian army. See also: Benelli 4TN with OHC engine.

In 1940 Benelli introduced a new motorcycle with 500cc side-valve engine and sprung rear frame. Very soon the company diverted to war production, and civilian Benelli 500 VLC ("Valvole Laterali Civile") was replaced by military Benelli 500 VLM ("Valvole Laterali Militare"). There was also two-seated version: Benelli 500 VLMB ("Valvole Laterali Militare Biposto") and many parts were interchangeable with the army tricycle, Benelli 500 M36 Mototriciclo.

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