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Delft Mechanica Holland - Juncker


Delft Mechanica

Mechanica C.V. was established in 1937 in Delft, the Netherlands. They initiated business in the metal processing and in 1950 they started to produce motorcycle engines under the brand Sinamec. Shortly hereafter they went through a rapid change and they have specialized themselves in producing parts and equipment to the various kinds of industries: oil & gas, petrochemical and more (based on Mechanica C.V webpage)


[img]Juncker was one of Dutch bicycle factories, which was established in 1898 in Ruwielen, Apeldoorn. They started to produce bicycles in 1924. The Juncker bikes were sold in Europe, USA, and Asia, including in Indonesia. In 1968 Juncker was taken over by Gazelle, together with Locomotief and Simplex companies.

[img]Juncker Ruwielen in 1925