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FN 28

[img] F.N 350cc, Belgian motorcycle manufactured by Fabrique National d’Armee de Guerre in Herstal near Liège (see also: FN). The first owner of this motorcycle was Arkadiusz Łapin, born in 1870, based in Bielice, Poland. Original document of this vehicle is dated 1922. After WW2 this FN motorcycle got new documents, which are also preserved.

[img] First page of pre-war Certificat International De Route. This document was valid in most European countries.

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FN (Fabrique Nationale de Herstal) was a Belgian company established in 1889 to make arms and ammunition, and from 1901 to 1965 was also a motorcycle manufacturer. FN manufactured the world's first four-cylinder motorcycle, and was famous for the use of shaft drive in all models from 1903 to 1923. In interwar years they were building motorcycles in the 300cc, 350cc, 500cc, 600cc and 700cc class.