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Junak B20 1962


Junak B20, three-wheel transport version of Polish Junak motorcycle, based on serial M10 model. From 1960 to 1965 about 2500 units were built, 153 of them were exported. Very few B20 are preserved. For the history of Junak model, see: Junak M07 1958.

„Junak motorcycle suffered from poor reliability, when it was introduced, so in 1958 developement and construction office at SFM (Szczecin Motorcycle Factory) started to work on base model modifications. Another task was to adjust the motorcycle to a wider range of practical applications. The idea was to build a three-wheel transport version for small business. In very next year two prototypes were shown: B20 with goods carriage box supported by two rear wheels, and B21with goods carriage box in the front, with two front wheels and one rear. Both prototypes were based on elements of serial M10 Junak motorcycle. B20 proved to be superior to B21, with greater top speed (75 km/h when compared with 60 km/h) and possibility to carry 300 kg of load, when the own weight of the three-wheel vehicle was 320 kg. Fuel usage was about 5,7 ltr for 100 km. Carriage box's dimensions were 1260 x 1360 mm and 300 mm high, with swing-opened rear side, tarpaulin on four posts and two independently sprung 12” wheels. Latch brake was added to ensure the heavy vehicle will not roll down the slope, when parked. This was an attractive design for shopkeepers, farmers and post office workers; post office was later one of recipients of B20 production.” from the article by T. Tomaszewski in „Świat motocykli” 2003.