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Koehler-Escoffier KAL3 1937


Koehler Escoffier (Monet Goyon) Type: KAL3, 250cc ohv engine. Power output 7.5 HP, four speed. This model was produced in Macon factory at 72 rue du Pavillon from 1937 to 1942. Equivalent Monet & Goyon model was AL3.

Koehler-Escoffier is a French motorcycle brand, founded in 1912 by Marcel Escoffier and Julius Koehler, a former mechanic at Magnat-Debon. Monet-Goyon took over the company in 1929, and after 1945 machines of both marques were virtually identical. Production ceased in 1957 when Monet-Goyon folded.

The vehicle has been restored.

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