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Komar 1966


Komar from 1966. Komar is a motorbike of original Polish construction, designed in late 50s and produced from 1960 to 1983 by ZZR, bicycle factory in Bydgoszcz, and in last years by Predom Romet metal works. Most production was sold in Poland; some Komar motorbikes went to Germany and Holland, where they were known under the name Mofa-25 „Condor”.

1960. The first model of Komar is introduced, 230. It's fitted with SM-02 engine, built in Wrocław (SM-02 was a successor of SM-01 engine, used in Ryś motorbikes). Steel pipe single frame, amortised front wheel, one-speed engine with a pedal start mechanism.

1962. Models 231 and 232 are introduced, with a new S38 engine produced in Nowa Dęba metal works.

1964. Ryś and Żak motorbikes from Wrocław are discontinued and ZRR Bydgoszcz becomes the only motorbike manufacturer in Poland. Previous Komar models are replaced with 2320 characterized by smaller power output. This is because new road regulations have put a limit on top speed of a motorbike; only 40 kph is allowed. Model 2328 with centrifugal clutch follows.

1969. Model 2330 with a new frame, partially made of pressed steel, and with a full suspension.

1970. The first model without pedals is designed, Komar 2350. The model is manufactured for two years, and then the constructors decide to return to „bicycle look”. In the next model, 2338 (1972-1974), pedals are back.

1971. Sports version od Komar appears, 2360. It's based on earlier 2350 model, but the fuel tank and handle bar are shaped to resemble a motorcycle. The model features imported Italian saddle, too.

1972. Sports version 2360 is developed into 2361, with longer saddle (this time it's local production) and some changes in the chassis.

1975. New model, 2351, has the front fork unified with Pegaz 710 (another motorbike produced in ZRR Bydgoszczfrom 1972). In this time ZRR Bydgoszcz production rate reaches 200 000 motorbikes per year.

1978. The last Komar model appears, 2352 with a different engine, 017 (called „the square one”). The model is build until 1983, when the production is stopped.