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[img] Light motorcycle with Sachs engine built by Miele in 1930s. See also: Miele (2) and Miele Saxonette.

[img] Miele. The company was established on 1 July 1899 in Herzebrock, Westphalia by Carl Miele (1869-1938) and Reinhard Zinkann (1864-1939). The factory started with eleven employees in an old flour mill. First they manufactured milk centrifuges, and from 1900 - butter churns. In the same year on the technical basis of the butter churn Miele developed their first washing machine. In 1907 the factory, now with 60 workers, was moved from Herzebrock to G├╝tersloh-Nordhorn and located in a former pump factory. In 1911 Miele started to produce bicycles. In 1914 the company was considered the "largest German manufacturer of cream separators, butter churns, washing machines and mangle wrinklers." In 1916, Carl Miele and Reinhard Zinkann decided to open a division in Bielefeld, to produce milk centrifuge parts and electric engines. In 1927 Miele took on production of vacuum cleaners, and in 1929 they introduced the first electric dishwasher in Europe.

[img] From 1930 motorcycles were built. During WW2 Miele was manufacturing torpedo steering units for German Navy. In the 50s Miele became one of the largest motorcycle manufacturers in Germany. Still, in 1960 the motorcycle production was abandoned In favor of the fast-growing production of dishwashers and washing machines. Now they are renowned manufacturers and exporters of domestic appliances, commercial laundry and kitchen equipment and fitted kitchens. Miele has been a family business for four generations. it's still owned by Miele family (51,1% and Zinkann family (49,9%). In 2007, Miele was given an award for being the most successful company in Germany that year, beating the previous year's winner Google, which placed second, and Porsche, which came in third.

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