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[img] Panarari Velomotor bicycle with Italian auxiliary engine, Mignon. Mignon (Moto Mignon Modena) was a motorcycle manufacturer based in Modena, Italy. It was founded by Vittorio Guerzoni in early 1920s. Moto Mignon initially produced clip-on bicycle engines. Around 1923 they started to produce complete motorcycles. Their best known motorcycle was 498cc OHC racing machine built by Guerzoni in 1932.

[img] "Vittorio Guerzoni, a great character and builder, almost unknown to the majority of motorcycle enthusiasts. Vittorio was born on 09/29/1886 in Solara (...). In 1906 Vittorio Guerzoni was working as repairman a young native of Solara di Bomporto but had an innate passion for mechanics. It is in his name that the first licensed internal combustion engine was released in Modena in 1904. This young man had such a thirst to learn that only a year later, in 1907, would go on to Turin to learn the art of engine mechanics where it was already widely practiced. He would return a few years later to become, with his motor bikes named 'Mignon', the first motor manufacturer from Modena." (from

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