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1909 Moto-Rêve, Swiss 274 cc V-twin engine.

Founded in Geneva, Switzerland, Moto-Rêve made complete motorcycles and proprietary engines for sale to other manufacturers between 1904 and 1925. Their first V-twin engine was presented in May 1906. At the London Stanley Show in November 1907 a Moto Rêve engined machine was displayed at the Norton stand under the name “Energette”. Within a few years the finely engineered little twin became well known. In 1912-1917 Moto-Rêve set up two UK-based subsidiaries that manufactured motorcycles under the 'Alp' name, using different frames then original Swiss Moto-Rêve bikes. Moto-Rêve motorcycles were assembled in France, Italy and Australia as well. Moto-Rêve manufactured V-twins up to 497 cc, but their speciality was small-capacity engines. They advertised a complete machine weighing just 39kgs (86lbs), of which the power unit complete with magneto and carburettor accounted for just 13kgs (29lbs). In common with many of their contemporaries, early Moto-Rêve engines used 'atmospheric' inlet valves, the side exhaust valve being opened mechanically, and were secured to the frame by clamps. After WW1 the company wasn't able to keep up with their competitors, although their last 346 cc OHV engine was presented in 1925.

[img] Husqvarna started to sell their Moto-Rêve engined bikes in 1910. The 274cc engine with atmospheric inlet valve was used in Model 65, sold from 1910 to 1912. The cooperation between Husqvarna and Moto-Rêve ended in 1918; only 48 bikes were sold in this year. Husqvarna started their own engine production in 1919 with the model 150.

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