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Radior, French motorbike with NSU 98cc engine from 1953.

As stated the previous owner, "This Radior R98′s frame number is 1007, which means it’s the SEVENTH one off the assembly line. The charts show that the Radior NSU was made in 1954, but the plate on this one clearly shows 1953 as its year of manufacture. Presumably (...) this R98 is one of few made in 1953 to display at the Paris Salon as a marketing exercise before they actually went into full production a year later."


Radior motorbikes were produced by Joseph Chapolard in Bourg-en-Bresse from 1926 to 1955. Chapolard, who was also a manufacturer of sewing machines, bicycles and agricultural machines, running his business in years 1904-1955, used in his motorbikes Moser, AMC, NSU, VAP, JAP and Nervor engines. Their capacities varied from 50 cc to 500cc.

„In 1926, Radior began building motorcycles. His first model, presented at the Paris Salon of that year, had a 175cc Moser engine. By 1927 the range expanded, with 250cc, 350cc and 500cc proposed, with engines from various specialist manufacturers. (...) Chapolard and Goubet also started making their own 2-stroke engine under the brand Nervor. Postwar Radior BMA’s featured a variety of proprietary engines: in 1952, Mosquito and Cucciolo engines were used; VAP were fitted in 1953; in 1954 they offered a choice of models, with VAP or Mistral 48cc or the 98cc NSU. VAP motors were used again in 1955. They also made various postwar 125cc and 175cc machines, using their own Nervor engines; these engines were also supplied to other companies such as Hurtu and Manufrance.” (from