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Ryś 1959


Ryś ( „Lynx”) MR1 from 1959. Two-stroke, one-cylinder SM01 engine. Displacement: 49,8cc. Power output: 1,5 HP at 5000 rpm. Top speed: 55 kph, fuel usage: 1.8 ltr/100 km. See also: Ryś prototype version 1960.

Ryś was the first Polish motorbike. It was designed in the first half of 1957 in ZWM (Zakłady Wyrobów Metalowych) in Wrocław-Zakrzów. The construction team consisted of Zbigniew Domicz, Roman Wachowiak and Edward Janas. Prototype was ready in May 1957, and first series – 400 units – was produced in ZWM in September 1958. Ryś was fitted with SM01 engine manufactured by WSK Wrocław-Psie Pole. In 1958 Ryś constructors designed also a version for two persons, but this idea was abandoned. Traffic regulations in Poland in this time didn't allow motorbike users to carry passengers, so two person Ryś model would have to be treated as a regular motorcycle.

Ryś was considered to be a good, reliable motorbike, unfortunately it was too expensive. Its price was 6500 zloty, and WFM motorcycle in this time was priced 7000 zloty. That's why in 1960 a simpler, cheaper model was introduced: this new ZWM motorbike was called Żak MR2 (see: Żak). It was fitted with S38 engine, produced in Zakłady Metalowe in Nowa Dęba. It costed only 5000 zloty. Both models, Ryś and Żak were discontinued in 1965. On 15th May 1965 Polish goverment decided to entrust the whole motorbike production to Bydgoszcz works. Because S01 engine was discontinued a little earlier, the last Ryś motorbikes were fitted with Żak's S38 engines. Motorbikes from this late series were named Ryś MR1B.

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