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1940 Saginaw Powerbike, made by Saginaw Products Corporation based in Saginaw, MIchigan. It could be bought as a complete motorbike or as engine kit, to be mounted in place of bike's rear wheel. This Saginaw Powerwheel is based on Continental AA7 engine. The power output was 1.5 HP, and top speed of the vehicle - 30 mph (48 kph). The company offered also Saginaw Powerbike with Briggs & Stratton Model NP power unit. Production lasted only 7 years.

[img] "Saginaw Stamping & Tool Co started in 1919 and expanded on the back of the automobile industry, subsequently becoming Saginaw Products Co. A prototype car was developed – the Pribil Safety Car – though not put into production. Further expansion took place during Word War 2, and the company hoped their new Powerbike would give them a foothold in the postwar vehicle market. It was a unique invention that was truly innovative, and could be bought either as an engine unit to fit to a customer’s own bicycle, or as a complete machine ready to ride." (from

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