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SHL M05 was built in Warsaw Motorcycle Factory (WFM) from June 1954 to the beginning of 1955. The motorcycle was fitted with two-stroke, one-cylinder "S01" engine 123cc. Power output was 4HP at 4250 rpm. M05 had three-speed foot operated gearbox and 6V alternator. There was no battery, no electric horn and no stop light, just like in previous models. Front suspension: telescopic fork, rear - none. The saddle on springs ensured better shock absorption. Weight of the motorcycle was about 80 kg, top speed: 67 kph, fuel consumption: 2.8 ltr./100km.

The main difference between M05 and its predecessor, M04, is front suspension; obsolete girder fork was replaced with telescopic fork. The overall production of M05 model was 12 500 units. In 1955 the management of WFM factory decided to produce motorcycles branded with their own logo and name, and SHL motorcycles were discontinued. It was not the definitive end of SHL, though. In 1958, after six years break, SHL production was reactivated in Huta Ludwików again. It was the side effect of "Gomułka's thaw" in 50s; the centralization of the industry wasn't the political goal any more. The successor of M05 was SHL M06-U with 148 cc engine. In 1959 it was replaced with M06-T, a modernized construction with full suspension, and in 1961 M11 was introduced. The ultimate SHL model was M17 Gazela introduced in 1968. Its production was stopped in June 1970 by the decision of Polish goverment.

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