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VeloVap - Motos Zede Rouen

An attractive model, the VeloVap was manufactured between 1959 and 1961 and competed with the Velosolex in France.


VAP already had an excellent reputation, and was the third-largest French cyclemotor manufcturer. They had been making cycle-attachments engines since the 1940’s and supplied many different manufacturers with moped engines. The VeloVap was far superior to the Velosolex, but it was twice the price. In fact, it was only because the VeloVap had a clutch that the Velosolex, from the 1700 model onwards, started to feature one.

This one is still in original cosmetic condition, starts easily, and is in good running order. It was found at a French autojumble.


The VeloVap has a more powerful engine than a Solex. It’s less delicate than the Solex, but also heavier. VAP engines were always known for their power – their first adverts for attachment engines made the most of the fact that they did not require pedalling uphill.