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Anker Ladies


1939 Anker Sichelrad (or Sichelgabel) ladies bicycle. See also: Anker Gents Sichelrad.

[img] Anker-Werke was German manufacture based in Bielefeld. Its origin goes back to the year 1876, when Carl Schmidt founded a sewing machine factory. Like many other sewing machine manufactureres, soon they started production of adding machines, cash registers and bicycles. In interwar years they were building light motorized bikes using Fichtel & Sachs engines. By 1938 Sichelrad bicycle was available with Fichtel & Sachs' Saxonette engine, too. From 1949-1958 the factory in Bielefeld built motorcycles with Sachs and JLO engines 98-250cc. In 1952 the Paderborner Maschinenbau AG in Paderborn took over the Anker factory. Subsequently the motorcycles were built in Paderborn and only moped production was continued in Bielefeld for a couple of years.

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