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Anker Werke history

1867. Carl Schmidt and Nickolaus Durkopp found a partnership to manufacturer sewing machines in Germany.

1876. Schmidt establishes his own sewing machine business in Bielefeld, Germany, as Bielefelder Nähmaschinenfabrik Carl Schmidt.

1878. Joined by Hugo Hengstenberg, the company begins producing machines under the combined name Carl Schmidt & Hengstenberg.

1894. The company begins producing bicycles and changes its name to Bielefelder Nähmaschinen- und Fahrrad-Fabrik Hengstenberg the following year.

1900. The company begins production of cash registers.

1906. The company changes name to Anker Werke AG.

1912. Anker Werke begins production of accounting machines and other office equipment.

1939-1945. Like most German companies, Anker used forced labour during the war. They’re included on a public list that records such things, with the following entry: Anker-Werke, Bielefeld ADS Anker GmbH Am Stadtholz 39 33609 Bielefeld 0521/ 3010 John H. Foulkes 540, Ankerwerke camp; 90, Anker Werke camp – Berglust

1948. The company ends production of bicycles to concentrate on cash registers and accounting machinery.

1956. Anker Werke launches its first electro-mechanical accounting machines.

1958. Sewing machine production is spun off into a separate subsidiary.

1967. Subsidiary ADS Anker Data Systems is created.

1976. Anker declares bankruptcy and is acquired by the U.K. company Thomas Tilling.

1978. Riva Computer Services Ltd. is founded in the United Kingdom.

1983. Thomas Tilling Group acquired by BTR.

1988. Riva goes public as Riva Group Plc.

1989. Riva acquires Hugin Sweda cash register group.

1995. Anker is bought from BTR by European Acquisition Capital and John Foulkes.

1996. Anker acquires GPI and begins restructuring, shutting manufacturing facilities and focusing on software development.

1999. Anker acquires OMRON Europe and the exclusive license to distribute Omron products in Europe; Riva Group plc is also acquired.