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Cyc-Auto 98cc from1949, when the marque belonged to Scott Motor Cycle Co. Scott produced the best British two-stroke engines in this time.


Cyc-Auto was first British autocycle, designed by Wallington Butt in the early 1930s (see: Cyc-Auto 1936). In 1938 Butt sold the marque and his company, Cyc-Auto Ltd, to Scott Motor Cycle Co. Scott built the engines at their Yorkshire works, while assembly moved to East Acton in London. The production continued with a 98cc two-stroke engine with a crankshaft set along the machine axis, with a chain-driven rear wheel. Scott started to sell both lady's and gent's vehicles in Standard and De luxe versions, he offered also a tradesman's carrier model, all driven by his own 98cc engine. In 1940 war brought production to a close. After war, lady's DeLuxe model was continued with little change. The production ran on until 1958.