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Cyc-Auto Gent's DeLuxe 1936


Wallington Butt Cyc-Auto, the pioneer model that actually created this new genre in Great Britain (compare: Raynal Autocycle 1939)

This is one of the rarest autocycles, existing for only a few years before the company was sold to Scott in 1938 (see: Cyc-Auto 1937 and Cyc-Auto 1949).

„Announced in March 1934, the Cyc-Auto was the machine that started the autocycle boom. It was, however, quite different to all the subsequent makes of machines that appeared on the market. (...) Despite being so different to other manufacturers machines, it was nevertheless the starting point of autocycle development and many of its features were taken up by the Jones prototype autocycle, which, in its turn, led to the standard pattern of autocycle that followed.”(from