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[img] Dollar motorcycle from early 30s. Dollar was a French motorcycle made by Ets. Delachanal in Joinville-le-Pont from 1925 to 1939. Their motorcycle range was from 98cc to 750cc. Dollar made its own engines, but also used Chaise, MAG and JAP engines, and in its early years - Moser and Zurcher. Patrz te┼╝: Dollar (another example)

"Most Dollar machines were 125 to 350cc singles powered by JAP among others, but pride of the 1933 fleet was a 750cc unit powered by a Chaise V four, an engine which was later used in aircraft and which influenced the designs of several other builders in both France (notably the Majestic) and Italy (...) The origins of the Dollar marque date back to 1890. In this year Foucher and Delachanal began construction of cycles under the brand "Omnium Spencer", and shortly thereafter began building Dollar cycles, capitalising on the fashionable obsession of the time with all things American. The first machines were powered by Moser 123cc engines and were presented at the October 1923 Paris Salon. By 1926 the range consisted of 12 models including a triporteur, all with Moser engines. In 1927 the first Chaise-equipped machine appeared - this engine caused quite a sensation, having overhead camshafts and hemi-spherical combustion chambers."(from

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