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[img] 1929 or 1930 Majestic motocycle with Chaise 350cc engine.

Majestic was designed by Georges Roy, a French engineer who in the early 1920s began experimenting with alternatives to the traditional tubular frame for motorcycles. His first machine was ready in 1923; he named it "New Motorcycle". This first design was not a commercial success. In spite of this Roy developed it further, creating the stunning Majestic model in partnership with the Delachanal company, the manufacturer of Dollar motorcycles. The Majestic was introduced at the 1929 Paris Show, where it generated plenty of interest. It was highly innovative, sporting such visionary features as centre hub steering, an automobile-like pressed steel chassis and telescopic front suspension. Interviewed by 'Moto-Revue' in the early 1970s, Roy revealed that he had been inspired by the American Neracar, another hub-centre steered vehicle. The Dollar marque was acquired in about 1931 by Metallurgical and Industrial Omnium, owner of Chaise. Over a period of five years roughly 100 machines were produced with 350cc & 500c single-cylinder engines from Chaise, JAP V-twins, and four-cylinder engines from both Chaise and Cleveland. Production ceased in 1933. It is estimated that approximately ten examples have survived.

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