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Neracar 1921


The Neracar (or Ner-A-Car) motorcycle was designed by Carl Neracher in 1918. About 10,000 of these motorcycles were manufactured in the United States by the Ner-A-Car Corporation under the Neracar name, while around 6,500 are believed to have been produced in England under licence in England by the Sheffield-Simplex company between 1921 and 1926 under the Ner-A-Car name (see: Ner-A-Car 1925).

[img] The design had several unusual features, including a friction drive transmission, and a low-slung perimeter frame chassis that was closer to those found on contemporary cars than other motorcycles. It also featured the first production example of hub-center steering on a motorcycle. The low-slung frame, front suspension, hub-center steering, and long wheelbase contributed to the cycle's exceptional stability. While similar in concept to a continuously variable transmission, the friction drive transmission has five fixed indents corresponding to pre-set drive ratios.

Neracher licenced his design to Sheffield-Simplex to manufacture Ner-A-Cars for the British and Commonwealth markets before he could find any investors to manufacture them in the United States. Eventually, a group of investors, including King C. Gillette and Crouse-Hinds Company founder Huntington B. Crouse, funded the Ner-A-Car Corporation, which began production of Neracars in October 1921.

The Ner-A-Car Corporation in Syracuse made three models of Neracar. The Type A had solo seating, the original 221 cc two-stroke engine, one headlight, and one taillight. The Type B had a larger engine, two seats, and two headlights. A commercial version, the Type CB, had a pair of headlights, a pair of drum brakes on the rear wheel, and a steel utility box rated to carry 150 pounds. A 255 cc model was introduced in 1924. A five-speed Neracar was advertised as a "Christmas Special" for 175$ in November 1927.

Production of the Neracar in U.S. ended in 1927.

Neracar was inspiration for unusual Majestic French motorcycle built in late 20s.

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[thumb:img_7.jpg] Neracar motorcycle advert in Popular Mechanics, July 1922