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Malcherek 98


Very rare Polish engine SM 98 with original motorcycle frame. SM 98 motorcycle (below) was produced in 1937-1938 by Stefan Malcherek's manufacture in Poznań.

[img] Pre-war photo of SM 98 motorcycle. The first from the left is the design engineer, Stefan Malcherek. The photo was published in J. Tarczyński article in 1983


SM 98 engine has been restored and is in running condition. See also: Simson Suhl with Malcherek bicycle engine

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Signed motorcycle frame from Malcherek workshop. Original badge is preserved.

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Stefan Malcherek, owner of a manufacture based in Poznań, used to sign all his products with SM initials. His first commercial design, 2HP boat engine, was presented in 1935 at Poznan International Fair. Soon Malcherek started to produce auxiliary 50cc engines for bicycles and 98cc engines for motorcycles. His own motorbike, SM98, debuted in 1937 (5 years earlier Malcherek built prototype of 500cc class motorcycle, but he didn't use this design; light motorbikes were favoured by market). Malcherek was more interested in constructing engines then developing big-scale motorbike production, though, and in last years before the war he started to built engines for two other Poznan-based companies: Nowaczyk Brothers' Bicycle Manufacture (they were producing WNP three-wheel transporter) and "Automatic" factory (they were producing Zuch 98cc motorbike and were working on two bigger models). WW2 ruined their plans. After war Stefan Malcherek continued to run his business in small scale, but very little information and documents are preserved. According to some sources, last Stefan Malcherek engines were built at the beginnng of 60s. The construction was modernized and post-war engines differ from their pre-war ancestors.


Stefan Malcherek at XX Poznan International Fair in 1947. Photo by: courtesy of Zwiedzamy MTP