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Malcherek - Simson Suhl


SImson Suhl bicycle with a rare Polish auxiliary engine, manufactured in Poznań by Stefan Malcherek in 30s and also, in small quantities, after WW2. See also: Malcherek motorcycle engine 98cc.

[img] Stefan Malcherek was a Polish constructor and owner of „SM” workshop, established in 1924 in Poznań. In 1935 Malcherek started to manufacture 2-stroke boat engine of his own construction, and in 1937 he adapted his engine to drive a light motorcycle. His 98cc SM motorcycle made its debut in December 1937, on a sports event organized by „Unia” motorcycling club and Wulgum company in Poznań. The winner was German Phanomen motorcycle, but Malcherek's SM proved to be its earnest competitor. Except of ball bearings, SM was a domestic industry product. Most of its components, including engine and frame, were made in Malcherek's workshop. Malcherek also constructed and manufactured 50 cc auxiliary engine for bicycle. It was mounted above front wheel and was driving a roller on a bicycle tire. This simple engine turned out to be effective and reliable and it was highly appreciated by customers. Unfortunately the outbreak of the war stopped further development of the company. After WW2 private business was prohibited, only small workshops could operate. As a workshop owner Stefan Malcherek built some engines in 50s, but there's no documentation of his late production.

Simson & Co: see Simson Suhl SR2

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