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Polish pre-war bicycle built in Kresowa Wytwórnia Rowerów i Motocykli „Niemen" (Borderland Bicycle and Motorcycle Manufacture "Niemen") based in Grodno, in east part of Poland. The bicycle is well preserved, together with original Stomil tyres. The bicycle has been restored (more information). See also: Wilja, the other bicycle brand from this factory.

The name of the company and its brand, Niemen, is derived from the name of a river running through the city of Grodno. Niemen ironware manufacture was established in 1894 by two brothers: Nochim Starowolski, Lazarz Starowolski and Izaak Piwowarski. The company started to produce sewing machines, bicycles and bicycle parts and was growing fast: in 1936 their annual bicycle production reached 10 000 and the company started to built motorized vehicles, too (see Niemen 100) using Sachs and Villiers engines. Very few Niemen bikes and motorbikes survived till today.

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