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Niemen 100


Niemen R 100, Polish pre-war motorcycle. Early model built by Starowolsky's factory based in Grodno. It was a small manufacture (up to 100 workers) of sewing machines and bicycles, established in 1894 by Nochim Starowolski, Lazarz Starowolski and Izaak Piwowarski. In mid-30s their bicycle production reached 10 000 and the company made attempt to widen their offer with motorized vehicles. The name of the factory and of their products is derived from the name of a river running through the city of Grodno. Niemen R 100 is fitted both with pedals and Fichtel & Sachs 98cc power unit (1932 model with 2 gears). Its production started in 1936, two years after the company had built their first motorized bike with Fichtel & Sachs 75cc engine and no amortization. Niemen R 100 had front fork spring suspension and was sold in gents and ladies version. By 1938 model DS was introduced (Sachs 98cc, no pedals) and series of DV models (Villiers engine 98cc, 125cc and 150cc). The company's quick growth was broken by war. The total production number of Niemen motorcycles is not known, probably no more then 500 units were built. See also: Niemen bicycle and Wilja bicycle.

The vehicle has been restored. More information

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