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Osa M50 1961


Osa („The Wasp”) scooter from 1961. The early model, M-50, fitted with two-stroke, air-cooled 148 cc engine (see also Osa M-52).

[img]When scooter boom begun after WW2, in the countries behind the iron curtain some attempts have been made to build such vehicles, too. In 1952 in WFM (Warsaw Motorcycle Factory) construction office a small division was created in order to design a simple two-seated scooter, based on parts of motorcycles which were already produced in this time. In 1955-1956 three prototypes were tested: Żuk („The Beetle”), Bąk („The Bumble-Bee”) and Osa („The Wasp”). Their main creators were: Krzysztof Brun, Jerzy Jankowski and Tadeusz Mathia. The power unit they had chosen was S-06 engine, mounted at the different angle then in motorcycle (cylinder was in horizontal position). The best of three prototypes was Osa, and this design was chosen to be developed. After some changes (e.g. handheld engine starter was replaced with a foot operated starter) the first trial series of scooters was made in February 1959. Mass production of M-50 model started in May.

Osa was a comfortable scooter due to a good design and big wheels (14”diameter) and it was selling very well, even though it was quite expensive; the price was 17 000 zloty. Some users complained about the seat length – it was a bit short for two persons – and the size of the fuel tank. Some others found it confusing to have brake on the left side and gear change lever on the right side. Still, Osa was the only Polish scooter in this time and it was getting more and more popular. It was succesful in sport, too. In 1959 the WFM rider Mirosław Malec came seventh in Tatra International Rally, riding Osa scooter very similar to production units. In two next years Osa scooters with 175cc engines took part in many international events. They had gained a good opinion and soon Polish scooters started to be exported. In 1962 a new model was introduced, M-52, with bigger engine and air blower unit. Osa production ended in 1965, when WFM factory was merged with another company and its scooter division was closed. From 1959 to 1965 about 25 000 units of Osa scooter were built (both models, M-50 and M-52).