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Osa M52 1964


Osa („The Wasp”) scooter from 1964. The second and last model, M-52. Two-stroke 175 cc engine with air-blower cooling (see also Osa M-50). Osa scooters in bright colors are typical for last years of production. Early Osa scooters were typically painted beige.

Osa M-52 was built in order to be exported to India. In 1960 India got interested in Osa scooters, and WFM engineers went there to test the vehicle in hot climate. Tests indicated that Osa needed a bigger engine and much better cooling. S-33 engine was chosen (175cc), the successor of S-32 power unit used in SHL motorcycles. The important improvement was an air blower, too. The minor changes were: longer seat with the locked compartment under it, and another locked glove compartment built into the lamp housing. In the scooter body, previously made entirely of steel, polyester resin elements were introduced. New model, M-52, was shown at Poznań International Fair in 1962. Mass production started in the same year, but all units built in the first year went to India. In Poland Osa M-52 was available in 1963. The production ended in 1965, when WFM was merged with another company and the scooter division was closed.