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[img] Rixe bicycle from 30s.

[img] August Rixe Maschinen- und Fahrradfabrik GmbH was founded in 1922 in Brake, Bielefeld. In 1924 it became Rixe & Co GMBH, in 1934 – Rixe-Fahrradwerke, and in 1949 – Rixe & co. Fahrradwerke GmbH. They manufactured bicycles, in early 30s they started to build motorcycles as well (see: Rixe 1937). Their motorbikes were, initially, just bicycles with engines. They used most often Fichtel and Sachs engines, up to 98 cc.

At the time of the motorcycle boom in the 1950s, there produced motorcycles fitted with engines of companies Sachs and ILO. The most powerful version was equipped with a 250 cc ILO 2-cylinder engine, 18 HP. In addition, mopeds (Rixe Derby) and light motorcycles with 80 cc engines were offered, but were only sold in small numbers. The history of the company ended in 1984 when the plants were closed and relocated to the People's Republic of China. The brand now belongs to bicycle manufacturer Derby Cycle.

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