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Rixe, a light motorcycle from 1937, buit by Rixe-Fahrradwerke based in Brake, Bielefeld. The company was earlier known as August Rixe Maschinen- und Fahrradfabrik GmbH (1921 – 1924) and Rixe & Co GmbH (1924 – 1934). It was founded by August Rixe to manufacture bicycles (see also: Rixe bicycle). First Rixe motorized bike was built in early 30s. Until WW2 Rixe built many types of light motorcycles, using 73cc and 98cc Sachs engines.

[img] After the war Rixe returned to the motorcycle market, building models up to 250cc, mostly with Sachs and Ilo engines. In 60s Rixe was building mopeds (to the left: Rixe Derby), and in 70s the company focused its efforts on selling light 50cc motorbikes with Sachs power units. Their best design was probably RS80W from 1982; this modern and comfortable motorbike was fitted with 79cc Sachs engine, and its top speed was 80 kph. Unfortunately the motorcycle industry was in crisis in this time and Rixe & Co. Fahrradwerke GmbH closed in 1984.

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