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Meister bicycle with Saxonette auxiliary engine from FIchtel & Sachs. From 1938.

Meister-Werke history

[img]The company was founded by August Plöger in 1921 in Bielefeld, Germany. August Plöger was bicycle manufacturer and owner of a car repair workshop. Meister Werke company introduced altogether 35 models of bicycles, mopeds and light or medium motorcycles (the biggest of them was 300cc machine from 1924). They typically used 2-stroke Fichtel & Sachs or Ilo engines. During 2WW Bielefeld factory was busy with war production, and at the end of the war it was bombed. Production was renewed in 1950. In this year Meister company, run by Erhard Doppelt, bought Phänomen brand and soon marketed the Phänomen Elan model. In 50s they also developed Mammut brand; Meister, Phänomen and Mammut („Mammoth”) were trade names used by the company simultaneously. In 1957, when Erhard Doppelt got seriously ill, the agreement with Goebel company was signed. Goebel overtook the Bielefeld factory and used it to produce their own constructions. Meister Werke brands were discontinued.