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WFM M06 1956 (2)


WFM M06 from 1956. Two-stroke, one-cylinder "S-01" engine 123cm3, power output 4 HP at 4250 rpm (or 5.5 HP at 4900 rpm). Three-speed foot-operated gearbox, disc brakes. Alternator 6V, 17 W (in this time bigger alternator, battery and horn were available only in export version of WFM motorycycle). Full suspension. Top speed 67-80 kph, fuel consumption 2.8-3 ltr/100km. The main advantage of the construction was simplicity. The motorcycle could be used on bad roads and was easy to fix and maintain. For another example, see: WFM 1956.

WFM M06 was a successor of SHL M05 and the first motorcycle built in Warsaw Motorcycle Factory which was sold under the company's own name, WFM. The prototype was built as early as 1952. WFM construction team designed new frame, suspension and brakes. They also wanted to implement the new, more powerful S02 engine. Unfortunately this construction was too complex and too expensive to build in this time. WFM engineeers had to prepare simplified version, using as many existing subassemblies as possible. The final, accepted version of M06 had a frame built of steel sections, similarly to SHL motorcycles. The wheels, brakes and the whole front suspension were copied from elder model, SHL M05 (different then in M05, rear wheel suspension was added). The old S-01 engine was used again, only with a higher compression to increase the power output by 0.5 HP. The mass production of redesigned M06 started in January 1955. WFM factory was not able to manufacture enough units, that's why a few months later WSK factory in Świdnik started to build the same M06 model.

In 1955 export version of WFM M06 was made, with a battery, electric horn, position lights, the clock built into the upper shelf and chromed wheel rims. Two years later these luxury elements were incorporated in all WFM machines, including those sold locally. Next improvements were made in 1958 (changes were made to carburettor and engine head)) and radical modernization came in 1963, when power unit was changed. New S-34 engine was introduced with increased power output (6.5 HP at 4850 rpm). The engine was manufactured in WFM until 1964, and the production of WFM motorcycles was finally closed in March 1966. From 1955 to 1966 about 600 000 units of WFM M06 were built in Warsaw factory.